On December 1st 2021, COFALEC was happy to participate in the IPIFF conference on « Maximizing the contribution of alternative sources of proteins towards sustainable food systems » which gathered more than 100 participants.
Alongside Vitor Verdelho Vieira , EABA’s President, representative of the algae sector and Paul Aman, IPIFF’s 1st vice President, representative of the insect sector, Diane Doré, Secretary General of COFALEC presented how the yeast sector can participate in the development of these alternative source of proteins.

Read more about it in the Joint Press Release.
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COFALEC, partner of the 2021 edition of the Lobbying Competition organised by Spin Partners

This competition, which highlights responsible communication practices between elected officials and interest groups, was a great opportunity for COFALEC to entrust teams of students from 5 schools (EFAP, Sciences Po Bordeaux, Sciences Po Grenoble, Paris Dauphine and College of Europe) with the mission of developing an influence strategy to promote the fermentation and yeast sector in France and in the European Union.


The challenge for the students was to give these sectors, with many assets but often unknown to political decision-makers, the political and economic weight they deserve in light of current environmental and societal issues. The objective was to position the fermentation industry as an essential tool in the transition to carbon neutrality and the green economy.


The entire COFALEC team would like to warmly thank all the students who have invested so much time in their work and congratulate in particular the brilliant female team from EFAP represented by Martha PEIGNEY, Alice ROMMELARD and Laurine CHEVILLARD who won 2nd place in this competition!


The prize-giving ceremony, which took place on 30 June at the Maison de la Recherche in Paris, was an opportunity for COFALEC and the winning students to share great pride. They were able to present the results of their work with conviction and brilliance and convince Mr Sylvain Waserman, Member of French Parliament for the Bas Rhin and sponsor of this edition of the strategic importance of this sector!



COFALEC is grateful to Spin Partners for the organisation of this event and to the different schools for their strong mobilisation. 

COFALEC Statement (March 2021)

Enzyme vs yeast product labeling
Position from COFALEC Technical Committee
Cofalec Technical Committee Statement_En
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Press Release (September 2020)

Review of Annex IX in the European Directive for Renewable Energy
The Molasses for Food Alliance again identifies high risk of losing essential raw material against biofuels producers
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COFALEC re-elects Marc Casier as President

COFALEC re-elected Marc CASIER for another two year term of office at its 61st General Assembly in September
Press Release reelection MAC 2020 2022.p
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Press Release (June 2020)

Molasses for Food Alliance members recall molasses should not be prioritised as feedstocks for biofuels
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COFALEC Statement (May2020)

GMO and yeast applied in food & feed in EU

19COFA093_COFALEC position GMO yeast May
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Bread-Initiative Covid-19 crisis

Bread Initiative COVID Crisis signed 14
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reply to Bread-Initiative.docx.pdf
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COFALEC communication yeast shortage

20COFA COMM01- shortage yeast for retail
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COFALEC letter Covid-19

04_20 COFA ADMIN 07 COFALEC letter Covid
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COFALEC Position Paper - Contribution Farm to Fork (March 13th, 2020)

The European yeast sector contribution to the "Farm to Fork" strategy
Cofalec contribution Farm to Fork_march
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COFALEC Statement Coronavirus (March 12th, 2020)

Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (Covid 19)
20COFA-PP01_COFALEC statement yeast and
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Yeast industry asks for a transparent EU sugar market after 2017

The EU Yeast industry development is strongly linked to EU sugar beet history. Yeast is a microorganism, which is cultivated (fermented) on a substrate rich in sugar (molasses, sugar syrups). EU Yeast producers buy around 0.8 million ton of sugar equivalent per year, more than 80% being of EU origin.


Marc CASIER, President of COFALEC, says “In 2017, the sugar reform will profoundly change the EU sugar market with the end of sugar quotas. Some key rules for the sugar market post 2017 (price reporting, export monitoring) will be discussed on the 25th June at the newly created Sugar Expert Group by Member states and EU Commission.”



Press release - Yeast industry asks for a transparent EU sugar market after 2017
Yeast industry ask for a TRANSPARENT EU
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COFALEC re-elects Marc Casier as President as it expands to Croatia

COFALEC, the association representing the yeast industry in Europe, re-elected Marc CASIER for a second two year term of office at its 55th General Assembly in June as it also voted to welcome CROATIA as the 23rd COFALEC member. 

Marc Casier stated “The EU Yeast Industry faces many challenges ranging from availability of raw materials to meeting industry and consumer expectations for safe and nutritious food. The addition of CROATIA to the COFALEC organization shows our commitment to the promotion of the highest environmental, production and technological standards across the European Continent. 

In these times of a new European Parliament, it is increasingly important to the food industry as a whole that we maintain and strengthen our relationships with the new Commission as we face major changes to the food supply chain. Principle amongst these changes is the abolishment of the sugar quota system in 2017. Yeast is grown on a base of sugar and it is therefore essential that we have a sustainable, safe and cost effective supply of such a key raw material.”

Press release reelection Marc Casier and Croatia 23rd COFALEC member
Press Release reelection Marc Casier Cro
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There is no wine without yeast

We invite you to discover the world of winemaking and how yeast contributes to the wine. Visit the new part of COFALEC website on «alcoholic fermentation». For more information on winemaking,

go to www.oenoppia.com.

Updated General Characteristics of Bakers’ yeast with Nutritional value

The General Characteristics of Baker’s yeast have been up-dated to take into account the new provision concerning “nutrition labelling” of the Regulation 1169/2011 on “Food Information to Consumers”. Even if yeast is exempted from the requirement of the mandatory nutrition declaration (Annex v), indicative values for nutritional components have been summarised.

Marc Casier, COFALEC new President

The General Assembly of COFALEC (EU Yeast ProducerAssociation) elected its new President, Mr Marc CASIER, Managing Director of the Algist Bruggeman company, in Belgium.

Marc CASIER declares “I wish to thank the previous President, Gerard BLIN, for his leadership over the past seven years. During his term, COFALEC professionalised its lobbying activities and instituted a number of projects as the yeast carbon footprint or the General Characteristics of Bakers’ Yeast. 

The EU Yeast Industry faces many challenges, but also many opportunities. As new President of COFALEC I will work to strengthen the position of the Yeast Industry in Europe.”

Yeast Carbon Footprint

COFALEC is pleased to present the results of the study conducted by PwC (PricewaterhouseCooper).

«With the determination of the Carbon Footprint of yeast, COFALEC adds a new contribution to its long term commitment to environmental issues that impact the future of our planet» says Gérard Blin, President of COFALEC.

The Carbon Footprint of European Yeasts has been calculated using the life cycle assessment (LCA) method focusing on climate change impact.

The Carbon Footprint of European Yeasts is calculated for three functionnal units:

The contribution of the different steps of the production process is detailed in this study.

Yeast Carbon Footprint (English Version)
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COFALEC position on CAP 2015

On the 12th of October 2011, the Commissioner Dacian Ciolos presented his proposal to reform the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). The Yeast industry is a major user of sugar products as a fermentation substrates, and will be strongly impacted by this reform. COFALEC welcomes this proposal that aims to ensure the long term competitiveness of the EU Food Industry.The position of COFALEC regarding the CAP reform was elaborated in June 2011, during the General Assembly.

COFALEC position post CAP 2013 public
COFALEC position post CAP 2013 public.pd
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COFALEC and CIUS joint statement on sugar export

CIUS and COFALEC urge the Sugar Management Committee to reconsider the timing of its proposal to allow out of quota sugar exports and, not to make any decisions until EU sugar market supply returns to a sound and fair position.

Statement CIUS/COFALEC Premature export decision
Statement CIUS COFALEC Premature export
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Sugar export: COFALEC urges not to reduce EU sugar ressources

Users of Industrial Sugar currently experience a very tense situation on the EU market. Due to that critical situation, COFALEC asks the Commission not to allow any increase of Out of Quota Sugar Exports, and not to allow either the conversion of any Industrial Sugar into Quota Sugar in the course of the campaign.

COFALEC members cannot accept that the rules of the game, within the Sugar CMO, keep changing continuously and that the limited resources of Out of Quota Sugar become the adjustment factor of an ill-functioning Sugar CMO.

COFALEC press release on sugar exports
COFALEC press release on sugar exports.p
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Nanotechnologies are not used in yeast production

COFALEC members are open and transparent to their customers about the nature of their products. 

COFALEC members are currently not using any engineered nanomaterials.

COFALEC statement "No Nanotech in Yeast" updated
COFALEC Statement No Nanotech in Yeast u
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COFALEC welcomes the adoption of the Feed catalogue

COFALEC welcomes the adoption of the Feed Catalogue. This catalogue will raise market transparency on feed materials currently in circulation on the EU market for users.

Adoption Feed Catalogue - November 2010
Adoption feed catalogue Nov 2010.pdf
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Online register of Feed material

COFALEC is an active member of the EU feed business sectors.

COFALEC is a sponsor of the Register of the feed material, which is operating since the 1st of September 2010.

Election of the new COFALEC Board

The 51 General Assembly of COFALEC, which took place in Berlin on the 11th of June 2010, elected a new Board for a 2 years term:

• Gérard Blin (President); France

• Rudi Kreuz (Treasurer); Austria

• John McKenna; Ireland

• Thore Svensson; Sweden

• Marc Casier; Belgium