General Characteristics of FRESH bakers' yeast

This document provides general characteristics for fresh baker’s yeast: block or compressed yeast, granulated yeast and liquid yeast.

Although – or maybe just because – fresh baker’s yeast is a very long standing natural product, no real definition of fresh baker’s yeast exists at the moment. Also in the Codex Alimentarius a description of fresh baker’s yeast lacks. The yeast mentioned in the Food Chemical Codex is inactivated yeast and the description is not relevant for fresh baker’s yeast.

In order to establish a description for fresh baker’s yeast, the technical committee of Cofalec prepared this document.

General Characteristics of DRY bakers' yeast

This document provides general characteristics for DRY baker’s yeast.

It has been drafted by the technical committee of Cofalec.

General characteristics DRY YEAST dec 12 (Pdf, 0.28 Mo)

Translation in other languages

The General characteristics of yeast have been approved, in English, by the General Assembly of COFALEC.
In order to make them available in other languages, the National Yeast Association made a translation in their language (he official version remains teh English one).

The German versions can be found at:
The French versions can be found at:é/